Bassorilievo - Two draped women

Bas-relief - Deux femmes drapées

Depicted object

  • Title of depicted object : Jupiter with two goddesses - detail
  • Current Location : Paris. Musée du Louvre
  • Current inventory no. : Ma 391
  • Source object dimensions : 90.00, 140.00 (height, width and lenght : cm)
  • Source object type : bas-relief (sculpture technique)
  • Date : IV c. BCE
  • State of conservation : Head and arms are modern and have been removed.
  • Provenance : Villa Borghese, main frontage n° 11 (1810)
  • Iconography : Coat


n° 191
This work was then on display at the Louvre, in the "salle du Candélabre"
n. 0923, p. 457
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Drawing Inscription: 
[on the page] C. femme grecque le
sein couvert de l'Anabole
[on the drawing] frammento Antico. Palmi tre e mezzo. Romani
Support Material: 
White paper