Wall painting - Naiad on a sea-bull

Peinture murale - Naïade sur un taureau de mer

Depicted object

  • Title of depicted object : Nereid riding a sea-bull
  • Current Location : Naples. Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  • Current inventory no. : inv. 9900
  • Source object dimensions : 69.00, 76.00 (height, width and lenght : cm)
  • Source object type : mural painting (visual works)
  • State of conservation : Mounted on a piece of slate, together with other fragments from the same provenance
  • Archaeological Findspot : Italy, Pompei
  • Provenance : Portici museum
  • Iconography : Naiad, Sea-bull


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Drawing Inscription: 
1 vert clair, 2 d'une couleur chaude, 3 viollet clair
le fond noir
[ink] Du musée de Portici
Support Material: 
White paper
Set of Drawings: 
Montagny shows the whole composition whilst a big part of it is missing in the engraving published by Reinach.