Statue - Moschion (left side)

Statue - Moschion (vue de gauche)

Depicted object

  • Title of depicted object : Statuette of Moschion
  • Current Location : Naples. Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  • Current inventory no. : 6238
  • Source object type : statue
  • Provenance : Garimberti coll., then Orsini coll., then Farnese coll., Palazzo Farnese, Campo dei Fiori, Rome, Villa della Farnesina, Rome
  • Historical Person represented : Moschion


p. 168, n. 101
I, p. 51-52, n. 29, pl. XXIX.1-5 IG, XIV, 1187
with further bibliography
n. 1132

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[ink, vertical] aux études à Naples
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White paper
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