Project Team


  • Martine Denoyelle, Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA), Project head, co-principal investigator
  • Delphine Burlot, editor, co-principal investigator
  • Murtha Baca, Getty Research Institute (GRI), Head of Digital Art History


INHA Collaborators

  • Gautier Auburtin (, Web Project Manager
  • Julie Leclert, Project coordinator
  • Antoine Courtin, Cellule d'ingéniérie documentaire
  • Elli Doulkaridou, Assistant coordinator
  • Chloé Gautier, Assistant coordinator
  • Hélène Dufresne, Research assistant
  • Christian Mazet, Research assistant
  • Julia Schelling, Research assistant
  • Sandra Zanella, Research assistant
  • Adrien Malcor, French texts editor
  • Ingrid Wlaszlo, Intern
  • Diane Zorzi, Intern


GRI Collaborators

This digital publication results from a collaborative research project conducted in the Getty Scholars’ Workspace™. The Getty Scholars' Workspace provides an online environment for conducting collaborative art-historical research projects that allows researchers to collaboratively engage with digital facsimiles of primary source materials
For more information, visit the GRI’s website.

Several members of the GRI and Getty Trust staff contributed to the development of the version of the Workspace in which the INHA team conducted research on Elie-Honoré Montagny’s Recueil d’Antiquités :

  • Nathaniel Deines, GRI, Project Liaison, Editing
  • Francesca Albrezzi, GRI, project coordinator and research assistant
  • Susan Edwards, GRI, writer/editor and technical coordinator
  • Rachel Longaker, GRI, research assistant
  • Jack Ludden, GRI, head of Web and new media development
  • Tom Scutt, GRI, technical developer
  • Wes Walker, GRI, software engineer


Essay authors

  • Delphine Burlot, Hélène Dufresne, Hélène Eristov, Florence Le Bars, Louis Marchesano, Andrea Milanese, Mary Reinsch Sackett. 
  • Texts translation: Delphine Burlot, Elli Doulkaridou, Julie Leclert, Chris Miller, Fabienne Queyroux


Software Development


Test group

  • Sarah Boyer, Chloé Gautier, Christian Mazet, Ingrid Wlazlo, Elodie Coupelle



  • John Kiffe



Mustapha Alouani (INHA), Nicolas Boullis, David Brafman (GRI), Anne-Laure Brisac (INHA), Etienne Dumont, Mahsa Hatam (GRI), Anne Lamalle (INHA), Colette Le Garsmeur (INHA), musée Jenisch Vevey, Philippe Sénéchal.

Thanks to the members of the two teams, GRI and INHA, whose participation has been decisive for the success of this project : Francesca Albrezzi, Susan Edwards, Gautier Auburtin, Julie Leclert.