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This website presents the album in several categories :

  • The essays present the historical context in which the album was made and technical aspect of the album.
  • The records bring together all of the data about each drawing and tracing in the album, presenting the different levels of information concerning each image and the antique objects to which the image relates. 
  • The folio category allows the user to browse the album page by page. Each page is linked to the associated records.
  • The bibliography refers to works related to the records and the essays.You can browse the titles by categories, ex.: Tracing sources for Montagny drawings.
  • The indexes are linked to structured vocabularies related to specific terms used in the essays and the records. These terms are classified by category, archeological findspot of the object, its current location and iconography, type and material. Persons cited in the essay or the records can also be found in the indexes.

Montagny's Manuscript Flip Book (part II)

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This is an English born website; it has been partially translated into French (homepage and about page, records, essays and vocabularies). You can switch from one language to the other by selecting the links in the menu bar, to the right of the search box. 


You can either use the search panel using keywords and then use filters in the left menu or, while on the record page or the bibliography page, use solely the filters. The indexes allow a different form of research, as they are linked to the metadata’s of the records and the essays.

Updates and Comments

If you know something about an object (its current location, inventory number, etc.) or if you would like to add something to one of the pages you can leave a comment below the corresponding page.
In order to do so, you need to send a login request through the box "Contribute" at the bottom of the page.


Delphine Burlot, Martine Denoyelle (dir.). Élie-Honoré Montagny's Recueil d'Antiquités, A Digital Critical Edition. Paris : Institut national d'histoire de l'art. Disponible sur (Consulté le jj/mm/aaaa).

Download Data (records)

The records describing the artworks are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License International. You are therefore free to:

  • copy, distribute, and reuse data
  • use this data
  • adapt, modify, extract and process these data

Under reserve of :

  • mention paternity data

Download data

  Complete list of data in XLS [2015-09-18]

Complete list of data (XLS) [2015-09-18]

Updated data

Concerning the scans, the Getty offers the possibility to download the entire book at this address according to the terms of use in force (images from the public domain: they can be used and copied for any purpose, including commercial).