Welcome to the Digital Montagny Project

A production of the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, conceived in close collaboration with the Getty Research Institute, the Digital Montagny Project examines Elie-Honoré Montagny’s Recueil d’Antiquités, an impressive early XIXth century album in the Getty Research Institute Special Collections (2004.M.12) reproducing antiquities once in Naples and Rome.

Flipping through Montagny’s Album in GRI's Special Collections Reading Room


This digital critical edition has both explored the facilities provided by the new technologies to conduct research on the history of the album and on the antique masterworks it contains, and developed new search tools for the end-users. Furthermore, not only does it allow a remote free access to a rare document which most of the users wouldn’t be able to examine, but it also prompts them to contribute if they think they can complete the information on the drawings or on the items. It brings by all these means a contribution to the policy of knowledge sharing and collaborative production that characterizes the rise of Digital Humanities.